Village Light

I've painted in many lovely villages around the Luberon valley in Provence.

A favorite one is Viens.

Walking into Viens is like entering a fairy tale. Once you pass through the walls of this tiny medieval town, you are in a different world.












Light steaming through an arch is so bright that it seems as solid as stone. A little wandering, and you're at the village wall, looking out to the distant, blue mountains.















This is a good place to stop and paint.




When you look up, the sky is so blue and flat that it seems as real as the buildings.

The windows of the tiny homes are inviting.












What is behind the doors? You'd like to be asked inside.

You can make a treasure hunt of hidden little beauties as you stroll.

A fire hydrant or a sculpture?

Even a construction site is transformed by the light and color of Provence into something that looks designed for the occasion.

And Viens has special cats and dogs, both real...

and decorative.

Walking through Viens on a June morning you can imagine all the centuries of spring days that have come and gone, and all those who've been born, died, loved and lost, within these village walls.





But people do still live here!













And as I can happily report, there's a nice boulangerie....

All in all, a perfect day in Viens.

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